Living is a boring adventure if it went exactly “as planned”!

Throughout my life, I have always had a journal, I set on my desk at the end of the day, and write from my heart about what has happened, and what could have changed, then I set a couple of goals to be achieved in the next day. Sometimes I get too enthusiastic and excitedContinue reading “Living is a boring adventure if it went exactly “as planned”!”

What is it like to contribute to Oppia’s projects?

I have always believed that giving is what makes one truly happy! It is true that many things cause happiness in this life, but believe me, the feeling of assisting someone, and causing a lasting effect on their lives is something different. One month has already passed and I have been contributing to the facilitatedContinue reading “What is it like to contribute to Oppia’s projects?”

Everybody struggles!

Struggle is a part of being alive and an important part of being a human! Struggle teaches us how to sypamthize with each other, and eventually, how to understand each other. We always see the external scene, but we rarely think about the misery and struggle poeple went through to be at where they areContinue reading “Everybody struggles!”

Introducing Myself

This is Wala! I am originally an Arab, and my name means “Loyalty” in Arabic! I like my name very much, to be honest, since it has an intimate meaning, and because it starts with a very speical character in Arabic. This character is the most used one in Arabic Calligraphy murals! I have graduatedContinue reading “Introducing Myself”